The Flowing Flautist Retreat


16th - 18th September 2016,
St Agnes, Cornwall, UK

This retreat was created to provide you the tools and techniques help your musicality flow. Achieving a state of flow is about being ‘in the zone’ and finding the ‘magic’ in your playing so that you can tap into more joy and creativity in your unique musicianship.

What is the Flowing Flautist retreat about?

3 Days of Activities To Ignite Your Musical Flow

Flute Workshops

Flute Ensemble

Meditation & Breathwork

Intepretation Inspiration

Movement & Expression

Relax & Explore

This retreat is for you if...

You’re wanting to find your musical flow with ease and grace

You’re feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘bored’ in your current musical patterns

You desire to learn how movement can better support artistic expression

You’re open to playful musical experimentation in a supportive, relaxed and friendly setting

You’re craving fresh and innovative approaches to interpretation and musical creativity

The Flowing Flautist Retreat is for adults and welcomes Grade 1 to advanced players.  

Nourish yourself with fresh sea air, taste salt on your lips, and blow out those stagnant musical cobwebs. 

Your retreat host: Dr. Jessica Quiñones

Originally from the deserts of New Mexico in the sunny American Southwest, it took me a while to figure out that any so called ‘traditional’, ‘classical’ flute career wouldn’t work for me as an artist. 

Not that I always knew that: I am here as a result of finding 1,000 artistic ways that didn’t work first.

Instead of a formal concert hall, well, I’d also love to play for you in a relaxed intimate setting, where you are close. I want you to feel free to clap between movements, sing along, and get up and dance if it strikes you– whether I am playing the Prokofiev sonata or a Brazilian Choro.

Having delivered over 75+ professional recitals across the globe I’ve fallen in love with creating music that allows me to express spontaneity, playfulness, sensuality, improvisation and rhythmic groove in performance. 

Specialising in the tango flute music of Astor Piazzolla, I earned a Ph.D. at the University of Huddersfield, UK in musicology and flute performance. I hold further flute degrees from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music (USA), and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow.

I love sharing my knowledge from over 27 years of playing, which is why I design training courses for flute teachers, deliver academic papers, write for numerous music publications, give university workshops and regularly deliver masterclasses. I am currently based in Cornwall where I run an active flute studio teaching clients from all over the globe. 

I believe that everyone has the potential to be musical and to create song. 
Flute playing is a celebration of your freedom, authenticity and personal expression– unique from anyone else’s on this earth.  It would be an honour to work with you on this retreat.

For my full bio, visit

With Guest Practitioners

I'm a qualified meditation teacher and holistic therapist based here in gorgeous Cornwall, though originally born and raised in Italy. Having been immersed in the creative industries and music business for a long time, I strongly believe that meditation, holistic therapies and generally looking after ourselves, in both a physical way and in a mental/spiritual way, can improve our quality of life. It also helps our creativity, help us to feel better, more energetic, at ease with our body, mind, soul, and consequently with people around us.

The exploration of oneself is a big passion of mine and I love helping people finding their true self, their unique expression. In our session together we will be exploring how breathwork and meditation can help us find our ease and grace in our musicianship to ultimately help creativity flow in our everyday playing.

Since graduating from Exeter University in 1997 with a BA Hons degree in music I now combine a busy teaching career with casual solo and orchestral work in the South West of England and beyond.

Along with running 4flutes and the RWindband I also offer specialist tuition on all members of the flute family primarily piccolo, standard C flute, alto flute and bass flute to all levels. I aim to ensure that my teaching enables students to realise their full potential which ever level they aspire to achieve. 

 In our workshop session we will explore imaginative ways to facilitate creative interpretation and develop your own musical personality. Indulge in the exciting revelations that can be discovered in the music you play and learn how theoretical understanding can help unlock your musical creativity. Even though many of the colours and emotions evoked by our pieces are shaped by their musical elements, they are also open to numerous interpretations. Exploring the music and our creative interpretation can enhance our practice and performance. With a creative approach every practice session can be full of variety and interest challenging more than just our technical ability and facilitating exciting and engaging performance that brings the technical to life in your own unique way.

Ruth Ballantyne

Odry Bastianello

Biljana Lipic

I was born in former Yugoslavia and have been based in Britain since 1992. After 14 years spent in London, I now enjoy living by the sea in beautiful Cornwall where I am established as a dancer, Argentine Tango teacher as well as an artist/ director and workshop leader. From a very early age, I knew I wanted to be a dancer because I was so fascinated by the relationship between space and movement and by what lay beyond the thresholds of my own world. 

With over 20 years of experience in exploring cross-disciplinary methods of working, I have a huge passion for creating spaces in which we are able to re-source ourselves from the pools of our natural/ instinctive/ spontaneous self. In our workshop together I will be bringing you ways to explore and experience your whole body as an instrument, i.e. ways to embody music and your flute playing in a joyous, authentic and wholesome way, which is also a purely unadulterated expression of who we truly are.

Mike Nottage

As a saxophone player and being married to a performing flautist, I am aware of how much care is needed to look after other people’s instruments. As a professional woodwind repair specialist in the Devon and Cornwall area, I have a firm belief that any instrument, no matter what its monitory value, should be treated with the same respect as any other. 

During the retreat I will be offering a ‘drop-in’ flute check-up and adjustment service free of charge. This means I can make any minor repairs to the flute that you are playing at the retreat and offer further advice and preventative maintenance tips..

8am-9am: Breakfast at your accommodation

9:30am-11am: Group flute class 4 with Jessica

11:30-1pm Flute ensembles and chamber playing led by Ruth Ballantyne

1pm: Lunch catered by Genki Café, 

which will be made to takeaway to any location you wish, 

or you can eat in their outdoor seating area near the beach.

2:15pm- 3:30pm: Group Flute Class 5 and Closing session with Jessica​

Your 3-Day Retreat Schedule

3pm - 4pm: Plan to arrive for check-in at your accommodation

4pm-6:15pm: Enjoy a Cornish Cream tea welcome and introduction session
followed by your first group flute class with Jessica

6:30pm: Group meal reservation at the Driftwood Spars Pub
to watch the Cornish Sunset at the cove (optional)

8:30-9:30pm Meditation and Breathwork session for Musicians:
Meeting your creative flow with Odry Bastionello.



8am-9am: Breakfast at your accommodation

9:30am-11am- Group flute class 2 with Jessica

You will be well looked after:
All retreat sessions include teas, coffees, fruits, biscuits
and other home-made goodies to nibble throughout breaks

11:30am-1pm: Creativity for flautists workshop session with Ruth.

1pm: Lunch catered by Cuckoo Café, which will be made to takeaway
to any location you wish (i.e., the beach!), or you can eat this in their café.

1pm -2:30pm Free drop-in flute repair clinic with woodwind specialist Mike Nottage

2:30-3:45 Group Flute Class 3 with Jessica

3:45-8pm evening free time*

6:15 pm Evening group meal booked at Taste Restaurant (optional)

8pm-10pm Embodied Musician movement workshop session with Biljana

10pm- onwards drinks, mocktails or cocktails at the Taphouse (optional)


* during your free-time you could take a private flute lesson, explore the local beaches, rent a bike, take a spa treatment, walk the Atlantic cliffs, browse the local shops and museums, take an evening surf lesson, cozy out at a café, or… simply go for a snooze.. 

Pic by Alison Day 2016

Pic by Alison Day 2016


£365 Retreat with 2 nights B&B 

Reserve your space with a £100 deposit. 

Early bird prices through to 31st July 2016, prices rise by £30 from 1st August.

There are only 12 places on this retreat to ensure you will 
receive the highest quality of attention during our time together.

Want to bring a non-flute playing guest to share your room?

Simply email Jessica after you register to tell us you would like this option. £40 will be added to your booking balance.
This fee will cover your guest's breakfasts and accommodation during the retreat.

Want to stay more than 2 nights?

If you’d like to stay on for any additional nights at the end of the retreat 

the fee would be £50 for a single or £70 for two people (per night).

 Let Jessica know upon registration and this can be reserved for you.

Retreat includes

5 x 75 minute group flute classes which Jessica designed to help
you expand your musical creativity, tap into your flow and refine your playing. 

Small group settings (max. of 12) allow individual attention to delve into issues such as tone, technique, posture, breathing, interpretation, improvisation, extended techniques, performance confidence, musical burnout, pedagogy, and performance anxiety in depth.

1 x 90 min Creative score interpretation session with Ruth

 1 x 60 min Meditation for musical creativity session with Odry

1 x 90 min Flute group ensemble session with Ruth

2 x 60 min. Expression and movement session with Biljana

1 x Cornish Cream Tea provided by the The Cuckoo Café

2 x Nights accommodation at an award-winning B&B in St. Agnes
2 x Hearty breakfasts at your B&B

2 x Catered picnic lunches from Genki Café and The Cuckoo Café
(vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available throughout the retreat)

Unlimited Teas/ coffees, fruit, snacks and homemade goodies
provided throughout your time at all of the retreat sessions

Access to the retreat’s private practice lounge complete with Wi-Fi during your breaks each day

Retreat does not include:

Transfers from Newquay airport or Truro train station to St. Agnes upon arrival and departure

Evening meal on the 17th and 18th June
(a group meal option will be provided on both nights if you would like to take part)

Additional snacks or drinks outside of retreat sessions. 

Situated in a Grade-2 listed building, the flute studio and the practice lounge are on the premises of a former Edwardian shoe shop.

Both rooms are stocked to enhance your musicality and lend aesthetic calm to your retreat. You will find the original Edwardian wooden floorboards, stained glass art deco glass, large shopfront windows overlooking the St. Agnes main street and globally sourced vintage décor, all designed to help you chill out and ignite your creativity. 

Relax with your own Scandinavian wood burner (don’t worry we can run this for you if needed!), light some candles, play old vintage records, CDs, cozy up to a large selection of creativity/art/ spirituality/ music books. Also provided is high-speed Wi-Fi, and a large armchair and sofa to use if you just need a break from it all to take a snooze. 

The Flute Studio

About St. Agnes, Cornwall

St. Agnes is in the heart of Poldark Country, and is a stunning coastal village 9 miles north of Truro. During your free time you can walk to the nearby beaches, meander the cliffs, sunbathe, take surf lessons, book a massage,  browse the village shops, hang out at the cozy cafes, or explore the numerous pubs here at will.

For more information, visit

St Agnes village itself is small enough to explore on foot (if you don’t mind a few hills!), and the area is a haven for walkers and cyclists. If you’d prefer to leave the car at home it’s only a 40 minute taxi ride from Newquay Airport, or 15 minutes from Truro train station. By car, you enter the St. Agnes area straight from the A30; just head to the coast from the Chiverton Cross roundabout.

How To Get Here

".Dear Jessica, I wanted to thank you for a brilliant weekend in St. Agnes. I thought the course was organised brilliantly and I feel that I have so much to explore in my playing and to think about. The only downside was that I wish it could have been longer! Again thank you and I look forward in the future to coming down to St. Agnes to attend a future course-- there has been some wonderful memories and experiences this weekend" --Alison W.

"On my way back from the Boho Flute Retreat in lovely St. Agnes, Cornwall. A nice refresher on creativity, extended techniques, flute choir, plus yoga and meditation (on a cliff), and the most wonderful Cornish hospitality (they made dairy free scones and cream for me!!!). Thank you Dr. Jessica!" 

--Cristina C. via Facebook

"If you play the flute and are looking to spark up your creativity, then @JQflute is the lady for you! #Bohoflute and in #Cornwall as a bonus."-- Tanya B., via Twitter

"I had a great weekend with you on the retreat, thought the retreat definitely matched its title – I certainly felt refreshed and appreciated the Yoga and Meditation as well as the musical activity.  The beautiful surroundings at St Agnes and all the contributors to the workshop and the friendly hosts at our B&B all helped to make it a good weekend.    The team you brought together to run the retreat were inspirational – they seemed content in themselves, happy in their work and great enablers." -- Barbara Y.

"I would like to thank you again for an amazing weekend, I really enjoyed myself and felt that I got a lot from the retreat, we also enjoyed exploring the local area. It was lovely meeting you and hopefully we will meet again,  we will definitely be visiting Cornwall again in the near future! – Katherine P."

"I got a great deal out of the retreat - in several ways, musically and otherwise. I feel the impact of the retreat will continue with me for some time to come and I have good memories." -- Joanna J.

"Just back at station after a fabulously inspiring & reinvigorating flute workshop with @JQflute"
-- David B. via Twitter

"There was something so much more than music that happened…When I arrived there was such an easy, relaxed welcome. It was impossible to ignore the radiance, the glow, the warmth, the love, a truly a transcendent experience…couldn't help but do well from that start." -- Sean O.

"Wow, what a great day we had last Saturday and I have really benefited from the work we did. This week I have felt so much more free in my playing, as if I've been given permission to step outside of the box called 'traditional classical flute training' into somewhere else, unknown and exciting"… -- Fiona R.

" was a lady who was talking about shaking up the way you think about making music, about finding your own way of doing things, breaking out of the 'box' of traditional expectations around flute playing, and really sharing your music from the heart. …Jessica absolutely 'got' what I wanted to achieve …."
-- Rachel S.

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